How to Invite All Friends On Facebook

UPDATE – New Method

** Here is the code for a really easy way to invite all your Facebook friends to your Facebook fan page.  Just click the “invite friends to facebook” link to open the pop-up, scroll down to show all your friends and then copy and paste the following code into the console window of your browser.  This will automatically click all the invite buttons for you! **

All of my friends on Facebook have now been invited to my Facebook Page!

Old Version

How to invite all friends on Facebook can be achieved by writing and executing some Javascript.  All the methods I tried on the Internet didn’t seem to work since Facebook have changed the controls to invite friends from a checkbox to a button.  ** This no longer works as Facebook have moved the Facebook invite function into a pop up **

Here are the instructions for Firefox to invite all friend on Facebook to an event or page. The only issue I have with this Javascript is that it seems to only select every second friend in your list so you’ll need to run the script several times. This will also work in the Chrome browser.

Step 1: Open Browser Console

Firefox browser console can be opened by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + K


Step 2: Press The See All Friends Link

Pressing the “See All Friends” link will cause the list of your friends to expand.  When you scroll down more friends are loaded into this list.  Keep scrolling down until all your Facebook friends appear on the event page.


Step 3: Enter Javascript Command

Enter the following piece of code into the console command line.  It must be prefixed with the command javascript: however this is usually removed by the console automatically so it must be hand entered before copying and pasting the code below. This tells the console that the code following the command is Javascript.  My script works by finding all the buttons on the page that I have narrowed down to person invite buttons by using some class selectors.  Then I just loop over the selected array of buttons and fire the click event.


Step 3: All Facebook Friends Are Invited

You’ll notice that it only invites every second friend for some reason.  If anyone can work out the correction to my Javascript then please let me know.  To fix this issue of inviting all friends on Facebook to your event simply run the command multiple times for it to select all the invite now buttons on Facebook. Users won’t receive multiple invites to an event or page so don’t be worried that your friends are getting spammed.


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