Remove WooThemes IgniteWoo Updater Plugin Notice WordPress

remove wootheme ignitewoo plugin updater

To remove WooThemes and IgniteWoo update plugin notices, add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file.


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WordPress PHP Check Plugin Active

This was taken from the WordPress Codex reference for is_plugin_active In the Admin Area:

In the front end of a theme you need to include a reference to the following library

In this case $plugin is the directory of the plugin followed by the main php file. In this example below the event […]

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Override WooCommerce Template Within Plugin

You might want to override a WooCommerce core template file in your plugin rather than in the theme directory to future proof theme switching.  WooCommerce searches the following locations in this order until a match is found. Let’s alter this slightly so that it searches out plugin folder in order to override the WooCommerce template. […]

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