WooCommerce BCC Completed Orders Email

Adding an audit trail to WooCommerce completed orders emails is a fairly easy task. We can achieve this by employing the filter woocommerce_email_headers and adding in a check for the object name customer_completed_order. ** This will work for WooCommerce version less than or equal to 2.2 **

** For WooCommerce version 2.3 and above […]

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WooCommerce Duplicate Billing to Shipping Address For Virtual Products

With WooCommerce if a customer orders a virtual product there is no shipping address displayed on the checkout page.  This makes sense as there is no physical item being posted to your customer.  However, a few of my clients like to have the WooCommerce billing address match the shipping address.  Subsequently, I wrote this piece […]

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Add Custom Fields WordPress User Registration Page

To add custom fields WordPress user registration page we need to utilize the hook user_new_form because since WordPress 3.7 the hook register_form no longer works.  Here is an example of adding a checkbox to the end of the user registration form.

  Here is the result of us adding custom fields to WordPress user […]

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Override WooCommerce Template Within Plugin

You might want to override a WooCommerce core template file in your plugin rather than in the theme directory to future proof theme switching.  WooCommerce searches the following locations in this order until a match is found. Let’s alter this slightly so that it searches out plugin folder in order to override the WooCommerce template. […]

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Sending WordPress Emails Using SMTP

Sending WordPress emails using SMTP is pretty straight forward so rather than using a plugin we can insert a small snippet to do the same thing.  All you need for sending WordPress emails via SMTP are your mail server credentials such as username, password and server address. The WordPress email function wp_mail is essentially a […]

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Disable WordPress Comment Notification Emails

wordpress comment notification email

As an administrator on various sites I was getting tired of receiving comment notification emails for websites.  According to the WordPress support page comment notification email, administrators receive comment notifications for all posts.  This was not sitting well with me and my email box was starting to fill up with spam approval notices!   WordPress […]

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Editing your WordPress wp-config.php File

The wp-config.php file contained in the root of your WordPress install directory contains all the configuration items for connecting and interacting with WordPress.  The most important information it contains is the credentials for connecting to the MySQL database which without this you’d just see an white page with an error message saying “Database Not Found.  […]

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Copy billing to shipping address in WooCommerce

copy billing to shipping address woocommerce

There is no function in WordPress to copy billing to shipping address fields that WooCommerce adds to user profiles.  This is quite a tedious task if you are manually creating users via the WordPress dashboard.  This article will show you how to use jQuery with a bit of PHP in WordPress to copy the billing […]

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