WordPress Coding Standards in VSCode for Windows

This took me ages to get my head around in order to setup WordPress coding standards in VSCode for Windows.  Even using the great plugin Intelephense it doesn’t allow WordPress coding conventions which differ to PSR12.  I’ll outline the steps below to get this working in Windows. Install and download the Composer-Setp.exe Install PHP CodeSniffer […]

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WooCommerce Mini Cart Divi Menu Header Not Updating

If your Divi theme is not updating the menu header WooCommerce cart count when you add an item via AJAX there’s a fix.  Use the following WooCommerce snippet to ensure the cart contents count is updated in the Divi navigation menu having to refresh the page.  

The trick here to ensure the cart […]

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Change Background Color Photoswipe WooCommerce 3

To change the background of WooCommerce 3 new photoswipe lightbox which appears in the single-product.php template, use the following CSS in your theme to invert the colors to white.


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Cancel Sent Facebook Friend Requests

cancel sent Facebook friend requests

How do you cancel sent Facebook friend requests?  With this service linked below from Fiverr you will be able to bulk remove all sent Facebook friend requests.  It’s annoying to have to individually press the undo button to delete a sent Facebook friend requests so this service will save you hours of hassle!  Especially if you have thousands of Facebook friend requests […]

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How To Change Facebook Link Thumbnail and Description

To change the Facebook link thumbnail and description in WordPress we need to utilise a coding technology called “OpenGraph”. This allows a website to tell Facebook what information to display when someone shares a link. Facebook for Developers has a tool known as Debugger that allows a user to see what a Facebook link will […]

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Disable WooCommerce Payment Gateways Based On Cart Amount

Disable WooCommerce payment gateways is fairly straight forward once you know what the name of the gateway is. The following code will disable paypal and stripe payment gateways on the WooCommerce checkout page when the cart amount is greater than $1000. You can adjust the code to disable payment gateways based on certain products that […]

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